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Commercial Grease Trap Cleaning Service by theGreaseCo

Are you looking for reliable commercial kitchen grease trap cleaning services in Costa Mesa, Ca? theGreaseCo is here to help you.

The Grease Company (TGC) is offering complete grease management solutions in different cities of Orange County including Costa Mesa. We specialize in customized grease trap cleaning service for restaurants. Our priority is to ensure total customer satisfaction. To achieve that, we’re Collaborating with trusted associate companies to provide convenient and reliable restaurant plumbing services. 

theGreaseCo cares about your business. Choosing our reliable and effective commercial grease trap cleaning will keep your sink from getting clogged and save you from unwanted citations by the CMSD (Costa Mesa Sanitary District).

We understand the importance of reliable kitchen maintenance services. Therefore, our technicians are ready 24 hours to provide high-end emergency grease trap cleaning service at your convenience. Our comprehensive grease trap cleaning procedures meet every specific requirement of commercial kitchens.

So, instead of searching ‘who cleans grease traps near me’, turn to theGreaseCo. We’re everything your commercial kitchen needs. Call us today to book your schedule.

Grease trap cleaning regulations in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa Sanitary District (CMSD) manages the sewer lines of Costa Mesa that connect all the kitchen sinks to the city drains. It is also their responsibility to keep the sewer lines clean from grease buildup and nasty blockages so that the wastewater flow remains fluent and harmless. To achieve this, CMSD monitors how much grease gets poured down the drain, especially from restaurants. CMSD visits restaurants every now and then to make sure that they are in compliance with the regulations.

Grease trap cleaning regulations of Costa Mesa states that restaurants or any type of food establishment that operates a commercial kitchen must obtain permits to dispose of their wastewater containing FOGS down the drain. New food establishments must install grease traps before they can even start cooking. The standard grease trap cleaning regulation recites that each business establishment in the food processing industry is bound to keep its grease trap clean by hiring a commercial grease trap cleaning service when the grease trap is 25% full of its total FOGS holding capacity.


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Commercial Kitchen Grease Trap Cleaning Procedure


Frequently asked questions

A medium-sized food establishment in Costa Mesa handles up to 500 gallons of wastewater every day, which can turn messy. Therefore, restaurants understand the necessity of commercial grease trap cleaning services very well and are often wondering who cleans grease traps near me.

Attempting DIY solutions for commercial grease trap cleaning might seem like a cost-effective solution, but in reality, such actions can lead to costly issues and long-term consequences. The fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program by CMSD in Costa Mesa obligates food establishments to install and regularly maintain a grease trap in their facility. They labelled FOGS as toxic food waste and urged restaurant owners to hire grease management experts for effective grease trap cleaning service.

Regular commercial grease trap cleaning is essential to prevent sewer backups, overflows, profit loss, and penalties from regulatory bodies like CMSD. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly disruptions and environmental hazards. Professional grease trap cleaning service ensures compliance, minimizes risks, and maintains a safe, efficient operation, safeguarding business continuity and environmental integrity.

The grease trap cleaning cost with TheGreaseCo in Costa Mesa depends on how often you’ve been cleaning your fat trap. If you’ve been taking care of it regularly, it’ll cost between $175 and $475 for indoor traps. But if you have been ignoring commercial kitchen grease trap cleaning for too long and let FOGS  built up inside the sludge tank, it could cost you up to three times more. So, it’s essential to stay on top of grease trap maintenance to save money in the long run. Contact TGC to get a detailed quote and clean your grease trap effectively.


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This company does an oil pick up for me about once a month and every time I’m greeted with the same level of quality and attentiveness. The drivers arrive on time and they’re always very friendly. My last Driver, Manny, not only took my entire drum but also helped me pour the rest of the oil while it was still draining. The only time a driver was stuck in traffic I was informed the entire time and never left in the dark. All in all this is a company I am proud to work with.

Curtis Lellman
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