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Looking for the best industrial grease trap cleaning services in Santa Ana, CA? Look no further! At The Grease Company (TGC), we specialize in providing exceptional grease management solutions to meet every unique need of commercial kitchens in Santa Ana and beyond.

We’re a locally owned and highly reputable grease pumping company based in Anaheim, Ca, with over a decade of experience in the food processing industry. Our dedicated team of toxic waste management experts is committed to delivering total industrial grease trap cleaning services, ensuring the efficient removal of FOG (fats, oils, and grease) waste to keep the kitchen running.

With our high-tech equipment and expert technicians, we guarantee the highest level of satisfaction for our customers. Plus, we’ve partnered with other trusted service providers to offer a range of restaurant plumbing services, all designed to meet your needs and schedule. Choose us for reliable and customizable industrial grease trap cleaning services in Santa Ana, CA. Contact us today!

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When you subscribe to our industrial grease trap cleaning service in Santa Ana, you’re not just scheduling routine grease trap maintenance; you’re investing in the seamless operation of your food service establishment. Our thorough approach ensures that your grease trap isn’t just cleaned but simply disinfected.

In addition to ensuring cleanliness, our service acts as a safeguard against potential profit setbacks like sewer backups and sink overflow. By preventing these plumbing mishaps and minimizing downtime, you can confidently maintain a profitable and efficient business. Moreover, our unwavering commitment to health and safety protocols means you can avoid costly fines or penalties from local authorities in Santa Ana, protecting your financial stability. Whether it’s grease trap cleaning, oil trap maintenance, or baffle t servicing, trust our expert team.

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Frequently asked questions

Grease traps are designed with larger dimensions and capacity, mainly for larger establishments that produce more than 500 gallons of wastewater every hour. It is necessary for grease interceptor cleaners to clean them regularly to maintain proper operation. This cleaning should occur at least every 90 days or when the accumulated fats, oils, grease (FOG), and solids reach 25% of the capacity.

The minimum cleaning frequency of a large outdoor gravity grease trap typically adheres to industry standards, requiring maintenance at least every 90 days. Regular cleaning ensures optimal functionality and prevents the accumulation of fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and solids, preserving the efficiency of the trap system over time.

The 25% rule of grease trap cleaning indicates that the interceptor should be cleaned when the accumulated fats, oils, and grease (FOG) and solids reach 25% of the interceptor’s capacity. This rule helps ensure that the trap operates efficiently and prevents potential blockages or overflows that can lead to plumbing issues and environmental contamination. Regular cleaning in accordance with the 25% rule helps maintain the effectiveness of the grease trap and promotes proper waste management practices.


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When I contacted the Grease company for assistance with my grease trap, they were quick to respond and tailored their service to my requirements. Mike and his team was very impressive and was able to troubleshoot the issue we were having with our grease trap. Initially, I believed I had a plumbing problem and had invested a significant amount in plumbing services. However, Mike correctly identified that the issue was with the grease trap. Their team was able to save me from closing my restaurant.

Drake Struble
Restaurant owner

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